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Axiomatic Panbiogeography

offers an application of incidence geometry to historical biogeography by defining collection localities as points, tracks as lines and generalized tracks as planes.
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Ecosystem engineering, Applied Evolution and Future Food Security

Ecosystem Engineering :  Creating Patches, Harvesting of Biomass, and Managing Metacommunities

This is going to be the next phase of agriculture..when  evolutionary theory is tied to food production.

It goes well beyond permaculture in that it attempts to put the tools of population dynamics at the service of the farmer.  The idea of clearing a field or creating a farm is replaced by the idea of making new empty patches where there is least endemism. One puts to rest the notion of general adaptability and replaces it with practical applications to adapt creatures to areas that are not highly endemic nor full of life in every niche or where the niche is extreme ( very cold, very hot, very high, very low, very wet very dry).

Managing population interactions by active transport of individuals of different species into and out of patches is the object of applied evolution through ecosystem engineering.  Harvesting at maximum sustainable yields, Culling for mutations to extreme conditions for use in different ecosystems, and persevering biodiversity. This will give a new dimension to artificial selection and take the human influence on breeding into a situation where man is responsible for the his own effects on the Earth’s abiotics as well domestication and plant breeding.  It will also function to assist sustaining genetic rescources for other evolutionary situations that may be needed in the future.  Agriculture will have moved from the small farm, to the technology driven agribusiness back to human husbandry of local ecologies.  In otherwords, individual attention to contingent situations under a global optimization utilizing technobiology will replace large economically forced market push and pulls. New international organizations to coordinate what whole earth ecosystem needs are not undermined will replace “the market” as the new potential for increased biomass is realized and the economic forces which undergird current profits are undermined and replaced by a surplus of food.  This new profitability is achieved due to a different regime of growth available in evolutionary systems that is not available to the ecologic ruled purerly by economic analogy.  The power for this new industry will be the same as that that brought technology to agriculture – the flow of water only new it will be used to drive population growths rather than power machines.

Mankind is going to develop this discipline because a pressure to exponentially  exponentiate the human population will be hard to diminish.  The extraction of new mutants which ecosystem engineering provides on the fringes of Earth environments (high altitudes, deep water, cold and hot extremes) will permit market exhaustion of its ancestors in more human habitable places as metacommunity is sorted to find which communites can increase the fastest (and what material properties order what ecosystem changabilities) and provide new genetic material for use in Space where man replicates his Earth based population.  Deme by deme synthesis tolerates this.  Thus the harvest of food has the byproduct of genetic variants which on choice of material allow mans future generations to increase beyond what they can do today.  We are able to leverage past evolution into tomorrow – something politicians have never figured out!  Our human technology will become yoked to those directions ecosystem engineering is taken in.  We will have to phase out electron based devices and use DNA computers with grossone computing instead. Your own physiology will contain what is presently made digitially.  We are not going BACK to analog devices, we are just learning how to with our biology what we can invent with our minds electromagnetically and mechanically.  A limit with quantum mechanics will be reached when we understand better the origin of life.  Ecosystem engineering provides the means to realize biological interest of haveresting (food + mutants translocated) is always greater than economic liquefied interest.  Applied human evolution may result in some market caused explotive extinction of some races but only when new mutants are culled and found theoretically to be able tetrate within a larger Ackerman model for the whole system as man is moving off Earth.

Harvesting effort will not be simply related to r/2 but rather when the mutant material manipulations (converting potential to kinetic legacies) are included is rather r/[b-d]^ but r is the temporary tetration related to the community connectance.  Thus biological interest is actually higher than economic interest since money itself can not reorganize self-similiarly its own increase while racial mutants can when the ecosystem is well ordered and managed.