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Axiomatic Panbiogeography

offers an application of incidence geometry to historical biogeography by defining collection localities as points, tracks as lines and generalized tracks as planes.
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From Darwin and his view we have bequeathed checks on exponential growth curves, as for instance Lotka copied from Pearl and Reed.


This constructability is replacd by denumerable component tetration curves  & then




 A new Model of economic Growth



The equilibrium is now within the individual rather than being explained among them.


 Darwin's "checks" implied the biogeography of nature had an upperbound across 'an' economy of nature it could not cross!

This however has been crossed!!


This company attempts to situate its own life within this new economy within techno-biology by growing l-commerce into g-commerce.  The main tool for accomplishing this task is "CROIZAT" working to explicate larger aggregations of data. The result of thinking with the biogeography leads to new ways to use math in biology.


The creation or theorem that would have arisen techno-biology is the result of biology and society. 


There has been a growing relationship between the science of biology and the extracting of useful ideas from biologists, that, has been becoming increasingly visualized within the confines of cellular stumbling blocks. This seemingly occurs, regardless, of the philosophical elementary background, in, a conceived post-concept system for biogeography inductions.


Furthermore, many in the public have professed that, biotechnology represents the node or hub that is increasingly witnessing from- to... a larger interaction between biology and society generally. Those who seek to continue to think they see a connection between techno-biology and biotechnology I do enthusiastically not prohibit, but beware of confusions should the differences become  fused in your mind.  I do not wish to generalize from this perception, but I do seek to communicate the emergence or growth, of a new known link between biology and society. 


 This occurs  in the form of the term I  am coining as  "techno-biology" or 'techno-bio', for short.  Sotddart (1986) has in On Geography ,proposed a dualism to understand geography as recording or not via the process of ground truthing.  No matter that this truth was questioned in Panbiogeography, techno-biology will or can, from prior production of ecological recording devices, submit the backbone therethrough and as such can and ought to prospectively provide astronauts with recording technology for their exploration of landscapes in "outer" space. Those who seek to continue to think they see a connection between techno-biology and biotechnology I do enthusiastically not prohibit, but beware of confusions should the differences become  fused in your mind. In the mean time techno-bio will grow as e-commerce pays for the transition of l-commerce into commerce. This occurs as soon as a relationship between two point locales is systematically utlized. Once biodiversity informatic standards such as DarwinCore metadata are attached to most species pages for instance, this architecture can become extant.

Company history
  "Aexion Clocks" was registered as a unique trade name for TheTrainer in 1994, at City Hall in Providence, Rhode Island. After attending a WEB GIS conference at Penn State in 2000 it was determined that the Trainer's offerings fall within the notion of L(location)-Commerce (  The original idea related to temporality in analog devices when coordinated with living organs but was dependent on the general electromagnetic "background". Clerk Maxwell's use of the word 'electrotonics'  was not out of the context.



Translation of Darwin's Malthusian thoughts into transfinite arithemetic completes the content.










A possible working application

might look (right) like this

fromGeointeroperability Workshop Outcomes


The workflow would include:

Use of taxonomic Name/Concept resolution service with LSIDs.

Primary data harvesting using WFS(2), TAPIR, and/or DiGIR?

Visualization of primary data with other Geospatial sources using WMS.

Discovery of environmental layers using catalog services CSW (4).

Use of the openModdeller Web Service to accomplish a model experiment

Presentation of the results in a web application using WMS and other OGC standards Assignment of LSIDs to analysis outputs


Service details

Describe the details of this particular service.

Value or special offer






Haptic Mouse Applications


This is a software product to be used with currently available haptic mice.

Product details

The haptic landscape game is specifically designed to promote interest in distribution maps and provides a product base from which biodiversity informatics may become popularized.


The haptic force feedback that determines the winning repositioning of the removable pin points is a touch away from fully psychologized haptic production lines.


Product price or special offer


The product will be available for distributed playing.


Each player will choose a particular species lineage. The dot map of the species will be overlain on a topographic map that contains the sister species of the competitor. After the game begins each player will attempt to to move, haptically, the subspecies' dots into the region of the other subspecies to be the first to ascend the topographic heights.


Haptic force feedback will be increased in proportion to the altitude & the competiors dot distribution. The player must negotiate both the static display of the landscape and the other sister groups migration, maintained,  during play-time by the other player.


The tension programed is a manifestation of string incidence geometries.

m = Basemap(llcrnrlon=-88.0, \
            llcrnrlat=35.6, \
            urcrnrlon=-75.8, \
            urcrnrlat = 45.6, \
            resolution = 'l', \
            projection = 'tmerc', \
            lon_0 = -79.9, \
            lat_0 = 43.1)
lats = [35.38, 36.18, 37.87, 35.60, 42.52, 42.28, 43.20]
lons = [ -76.18,  -85.90,  -77.32,  -76.43,  -76.63, -85.37,  -76.15]
m.drawrovers (color='blue')
x, y = m(lons, lats)
m.plot(x, y, 'bo')
The game consists of players moving from and to taxogenically specific verticies up the the highest altitude causing haptic feedback on the other player.

When a player attempts to cross the path of the other player already at the higher verticie level going across a lower verticie level this activity does not trigger preprogrammed haptic feedback.


The game tracks connections of contiguities and gives hints on which direction to go to win. The computer stores players' actions across topographic pin points.


The first version will simply permit each player to move pin points into the domain of the other. Later full versions will create a "tension" in the taxogenic spanning tree and forcefeedback classes that increases as the spanning tree crosses the higher altitudes.